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It's a jungle out there

Customers and clients want more from products. Competitors are moving faster. App marketplaces become more common - companies that ignore this trend will be at a dangerous disadvantage.

Here's why:

1.   Nothing innovates faster than an App Marketplace – Mobile is replacing laptop

2.   When building your marketplace, simplicity wins every time

3.   App Marketplace purchases are a Win-Win-Win for merchants and customers
Marketplace Apps designed and delivered by KEiNO can be developed as an extension of your existing business or used to create new business from scratch.
Whether you want to develop an app for your business or build the next Amazon, KEiNO is here to make the process of building your business app as painless as possible.

Marketplace value-adding services offered by KEiNO

What value-adding functions come standard with KEiNO Marketplace App?

+   Secure merchant payment system that works globally

+   Push messaging system – allowing you to stay connected to your customers

+   News  - publish news and blogs directly to the app

+   Customer feedback and survey tools

+   The Client Console allows your business to make product changes in real time

+   Real time product management enables you to react to customer demands and inventory changes

+   All Google and Apple systems updates are managed by the KEiNO team

+   The KEiNO team is here to support your current and future needs or handle any issue

What makes a Marketplace app special for your customers?

Easy Registration Process

It sounds very easy to achieve, but not every marketplace-on-demand mobile app provide a hassle-free registration process to its users like we do. Just download the app and you now have a direct link to your potential customers - no registration is required.

Multiple Payment Options

Customers have different mindsets and ways of making payments on the web. So, it is always beneficial to provide multiple payment options to your customers by using different payment gateways.

Customer Feedback Tools

Making a personal connection and creating brand loyalty with your customer is super important in the current social media environment. Our app allows your business to ask for customer feedback and vote on things that are important.