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Turku Social Services Adopts KEiNO Mobile App Technology for Southwest Finland

Big and small cities across the Nordics are challenged with sustainability issues, costs control, and limited staffing that makes delivery of social emergency services difficult in the current environment.  The current COVID-19 pandemic and the aging population have also contributed to the strain of emergency services.

In April 2021 the City of Turku in Finland made the strategic decision to employ the KEiNO Mobile Workforce for Social Emergency Services in the Southwest Region of Finland.  

This is now the second implementation of the KEiNO workforce management tool in Finland using the KEiNO application. The first implementation was done in the Oulu region of Finland. The success of the Oulu workforce management tool was attributed to ease of use and improved accuracy of data collection that was a great improvement compared to prior methods used by social emergency staff. The KEiNO applications in Turku and Oulu will now support social emergency services for 750,000 individuals across the Oulu and southwestern regions of Finland.

When these cities were looking to digitize their social emergency services, they discovered that most ERP or work force applications were not designed for their needs and it would have cost a lot of money to modify the software. KEiNO was an attractive alternative solution because of the following reasons:

• The KEiNO workforce application is easy to use on-the-go when collecting data from patients or case situations

• Less mistakes because the menu options are tailor-made to the needs of social emergency services personnel

• Time saving because social emergency services personnel are able to quickly enter information using their mobile device as compared to spending hours processing paperwork

• The cost of the app was significantly less than a normal ERP project

• The design, testing, and application delivery was completed in less than 30 days

The big takeaway from these two mobile workforce application projects were that automation of social emergency reduced the administrative processes, improved data collection, and increased productivity by allowing staff to dedicate more time to care for patients or case situations. The KEiNO mobile workforce application can also be applied to other industries like Security Services, Construction Projects, Delivery Services, and so many other industries.