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Key Features In A Successful Marketplace App In 2021

Key Features In A Successful Marketplace App In 2021

The online marketplace is at its zenith these days. Due to the growing need for the online marketplace, many startups or retailers are considering creating their own marketplace app.

Smartphones and shopping apps have become a convenient way for customers to buy services and products online. In today’s world, businesses need to offer mobile marketplace applications to consumers that shop using their smartphones to buy services and products online. Using these mobile applications, they can easily place their order for a plethora of products or services within their means.

What the consumers need in an e-market mobile application are: a very easy-to-use interface, a variety of optimum quality products, smart & relevant filters, multiple options of payment, easy & secure payment, and many more. In order to offer a great shopping experience for your consumers, you need to add some exceptional features to make them better forever.

If you want a successful marketplace mobile app, make sure most of these (if not all) features are included:

1. It is easy to use and updated:

Merchants need a simple and fast tool that will allow them to adapt to make changes to the app based upon events within the business environment. Adding new products, changing the item photos, updating pricing, and other tasks can be done quickly and without I.T. Support using the KEiNO Client Console.

2. Customer feedback functions:

Customers want to feel connected with your product or services and by providing an avenue to collect that feedback from your end-users, your business can create more customer loyalty and a stronger brand. KEiNO is able to provide your business with the two-way communication as part of the app solutions that are available with the service.

3. One-touch-access:

One-touch-access is the best way to enable clients to use the e-commerce marketplace mobile app. It is not just a one-touch login. Also, you must offer easy input into your online marketplace application. The users should be given access to their mobile application with just a few clicks and the apps created by KEiNO do just that.

4. Push Messaging and News functions

This is a simple but crucial feature that allows your business to inform and sell your products / services effectively. This is also the best advertising media because you light-up the mobile device that will trigger the end-user to notice your app.


5. Customer Privacy

Consumers want to protect their privacy and often avoid apps or websites that require registration in order to gain access. The apps developed by KEiNO for your business are GDPR compliant and individuals are not required to register unless they are purchasing products or services. Your business is still able to engage with customers by sending Push Messages and News to the anonymous app end-users.

6. Multiple and secure payment options

Customers have different thoughts and ways to make payments on the web. Therefore, it’s always the right idea to provide multiple payment options to your customers by using different payment gateways. Apps provided by KEiNO have multiple payment options that are international and functional regardless of location.

The Marketplace apps provided by KEiNO are built with Merchants and End-Users in mind. Our goal is to provide your business with READY TO GO APPS in days that resolve your needs and create additional revenue streams. Contact a KEiNO App Specialist or, even better, schedule a DEMO at our Pricing Page and you will see how easy it is to get started with your own native, and branded business app.