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We are doing the heavy lifting.

+ The Keino Team is your I.T. team
+ No hardware capital costs
+ App solutions without bugs
+ Easy to use admin tools for content
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Add and edit your content on the go

The KEINO Client Console gives your business the power to manage your content and message in such a way that you will wonder why you didn’t find this solution sooner.
Easy login in a browser
Training, support, and materials make getting up to full speed super easy on your own desktop. You don’t need to be an IT professional to get the job done.
Adding, modifying and removing content like a pro
Making changes to content within the Client Console is quick and easy.
Stay in touch with push messaging and news
Send push messages and news that immediately reach your app's users. Let your customer know what is hot, trending or coming soon
System Reports
The client console has various systems reports and graphs that allow you to check the positive impact of your app in the market.
Marketing and feedback tools
Engage your customers by having them give you feedback using the feedback tools.
Custom Features
If it is important for you it is important for us, and we can make it happen for your business.

Ready to deliver solutions

Pick and choose what features you need for your business. We are ready to provide you with app tools to help your business grow.

Some examples:
Keino push notification
Push notifications
Messages your customers notice instantly.
KEINO shop
Drop your products into the app and be ready to go to market with your look and branding.
Read more about Marketplace
KEINO ticket
Ticket sales
Apps that deliver tickets to customers and allow ticket holders to redeem tickets without the need for hardware.
Advertising revenue stream
Share advertising space that promotes your business partners on your business app and get paid for it.
KEINO lottery
Inspire and reward
Organize giveaways and lotteries and offer benefits and rewards with coupons appearing in your app.
KEINO vote
Collect information and engage your customers.
KEINO news
Important things connect.
KEINO feedback
Customer survey, feedback, voting
Create added customer loyalty by asking your customer to give you feedback, vote on business ideas, and offer promotional items for it. Super Powerful!
KEINO ask for more
Custom solution?
Please contact us and let us know what you need.

Stand out from the crowd

Make a statement, let you customers identify with your brand, create that unique look for your app.
The app that adapts
As your business changes so does your app without skipping a beat. Go ahead and let us know how you want to modify the app
Elevate your brand
Publish your app with a professional design. Your brand in Apple Store, Google Play and in your customers' phones
App layout
The Keino system lets you select the type of layout that your business will find appealing for your customers
Powerful codes
Our robust frontend and backend will be your workhorse
Simple setup
Our app product teams take your ideas, designs, branding inputs and other key information and creates the app board for your business. Say what you need and we deliver
Clean design
We  deliver a modern user interface for your business


+Know your audiences – Get in touch with your customers without them having to register.

+ Just download the app and open it once and you're connected.

+ Publishing to Apple Store and Google Play is a turn-key operation. We do it for you.

+ Pop-up sales. Start selling in minutes. No hardware required at the point-of-sales.

+ All your customers at your fingertips via you own desktop 24/7.
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It works all the time, every time!
Relax, our support team will help you 24/7.
Proven in multiple markets and businesses

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